Sunday, August 17, 2008


This last week was the GIC at my home meeting, which pretty much means that my friend, B and I got to hang out with amazing Ms all week long while we pretended that we were real ones ;-) We got to spend time with Ms we know from Brazil and Canada, future Ms heading to Mozambique, and new ones (to us at least) from New York (Who works with people from Senegal and all over West Africa!), East Asia, the "Far East", Romania, Israel, Brazil, The Bahamas, Our Meeting's own Iranian and Spanish meeting, Savannah, GA, England, Feed the Children, India, and North Carolina.

It was very encouraging to be around like-hearted people all week, share more about Senegal with several classes, hear about what He is doing all over the world, and just see our meeting focused, even more than normal, on one of my heart's passion. I've gotta say, it's one of my favorite weeks of the year :-)

All the Ms set up booths about their work around the center.
We also had lunches together and opportunities to share about our work at several fellowships.

We had our own booths and name tags and everything!

Earlier this week, I made Ceeb Jen for my family, which is an African dish that we had for lunch just about every day this summer. It's basically rice steamed with tomato and pepper sauce, as is the fish and veggies you see in the middle. It's very unique tasting and VERY good! In Senegal, we ate it with our hands, but my brothers and daddy (who all did try it last summer, i must give them some credit) decided to take on the african tradition where men eat with spoons, but Momma and I chowed down African style! The dinner with my family made me both very happy to be home with them again, and very sad that I'm not with my African family in Senegal, but thus is life, and I'm now looking toward the future, which will seem to hold all kinds of interesting days with nursing school starting next week, and who know what adventures after that!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Duma Leen Fatay

I woke up early this morning
My last African day
I see the sorrow in their faces
They know that soon I'll fly away
I hold them tight, trying not to cry
I say a question, I don't know what to say
And so I whisper close:
Duma leen fatay

I will remember
The day I came
And though I must go now
Mariama's still my name
Duma leen fatay

I woke up early this morning
Another American day
I've got no time for breakfast
I must be on my way
Reach in my bag, power on the phone
See what the world has got to say
but the first words I read:
Duma leen fatay

I will remember
The day I came
And though I'm so far now
Mariama's still my name
Duma leen fatay

You showed me a world
I'd never have known
I opened my heart
Love and sorrow's grown
So many won't know
In the red, white, and blue
This world that's followed me
Is looking to you

I woke up early this morning
A Senegalese kind of day
Pack my stuff and head out
My heart knows just what to say
I don't know when or how or why
But I bet I'll be back some day
Cuz I won't forget them...
(or should I say...)
Duma Leen fatay

I will remember
The day I came
My heart, It's still with you
Mariama's still my name
Duma leen fatay

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So, after arriving back in the states, I was home just long enough to unpack (barely!) and pack again. My family and I then headed up to Lake Lure, NC. We met some of my aunts and uncles as well as my grandma, but little brother and I were the only grand kids able to make it this year :-(

We did a lot of hiking and rock climbing, some sight seeing, and some boating and water skiing. But what I enjoyed most was just spending some relaxing time with my family, enjoying His beautiful creation, and, of course, good American food!!

driving from the airport in Knoxville to Lake Lure, we took a very high road through the mountains, and even though it was so foggy, there were some amazing sights.
Climbing down to the waterfall (despite strategically placed "for your safety, please do not climb" signs)

Little Brother and I on the top of Chimney Rock

Me and the fam, at some falls we found

My family and I at the Biltmore, the largest home in America.

Check out the reflection in his glasses (hint: look for Little Brother!)

Little Brother and I climbing up the waterfall.

Stopping to smell the roses

Tubing with Little Brother on Lake Lure after skiing and wake boarding (or should I say skiing and wake boarding attempts ;-)

Our last hike of the trip, saying goodbye to the mountains.

It was great to see the mountains and spend time with the family that I missed all summer long, but it's good to be back home (even if it is so flat!) and to be staying in one place for a while. So, now I'm starting to get ready for nursing school which means buying lots of books, uniforms, and medical supplies and filling out lots of forms; which I'll be starting as of August 25th!