Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So, I saw the movie "Fireproof" the other day. WOW.
I know it came out a while ago, and I had heard it was a good movie from various people, however, I had not rushed out to see it right away because 1.) seeing movies in theatres cost $$ that I can't always seem to justify on a movie I can see for $3 at home 2.) free time is not always at hand and 3.) it's about relationships; marriage to be specific, which I am not currently in or even near, so, I figured I could put it off for a while. However, once I'd seen it, I'd wished I had taken advantage of it on the big screen!
So Fireproof; it's basically about (without giving too much away) a firefighter and his wife who's marriage is in trouble and their journey to save it. (That's all I'll say about the plot, don't want to ruin it for anyone ;-) It's made entirely by volunteers from the actors, directors, editors, sound, and the list goes on and on. And for those of you, like me, not in a relationship right now should not let that stop you from seeing this excellent movie!
It has helped to open my eyes to a different idea towards love. Whether it be relationships with friends, the opposite sex, or the most amazing of all, our Master, lyrics from one of the theme songs ("Love is not a Fight" by W.B.) really sum it up well:
"Love is a shelter in the raging storm
Love is peace in the middle of a war
If we try to leave, may He send His angels to guard the door
No, love is not a fight but it's something worth fighting for
To some, love is a word
That they can fall into
But when they're falling out
Keeping that word is hard to do
Love will come to save us
If we'll only call
He will ask nothing of us
But demand we give our all
I will fight for you
Would you fight for me?
It's worth fighting for"
So, you can take this as my official recommendation. If you haven't seen it yet; give me a call because, in a week or two we will have a copy that I would love to loan or watch with you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lazy Days...well, kinda

It's spring break!

and what does that mean for me? Lazy, chillin, not much happening days!
Ok, so it's not that lazy...

My parents left last week for a last minute ski trip to Lake Tahoe
(you bet I was jealous!)
Leaving...guess who!
So we didn't have the healthiest meals all week, but I'm proud to say I did cook once for us!

I'm working every day from 8:30-2 (hey, getting up at 7:40am beats 6 or 5 any day!).

This is just a sampling of how this week is going...One of my coworkers ended up with a bite wound on her shin, we sent a 8year old girl home wearing a 13year old boys clothes because everyone else used up their change of clothes, and on my scrubs today...macaroni and cheese, spit, squash, cheese puffs, gravy, spit, pudding, blueberries, spit, lotion, chewed up bagel crackers, apple and grape juice, spit, G-tube secretions, plantain grease, oh, and did I mention spit?

But, of course, found some time for a beach day with my (slightly neglected this semester :-) little!

And on the agenda for the rest of the week: 1) girls night with my two besties from high school, 2) lunch with momma and a friend from work, 3) movie night with girls from the neighborhood, 4) sleeping in, 5) catch up time with an old friend, 6) babysitting my favorite student, and 7) beach day Saturday!

But what, you may ask is NOT happening this week? : classes, tests, clinical, quizzes, and stress!!

all in all, not a bad spring break if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What was the reason again?

I went into nursing for a reason, didn't I?
What was it again....

Blood is pretty cool
Scrubs are comfy
I love learning all the intricate ins and outs of the human body...HE is so creative!
I'll always have a job
I can work almost anywhere with it
but there was the reason....right?
oh yeah:
To show HIS love with all my passion
Tests are stressful
I don't get much sleep
I have to study all the time
I don't' get to go out as much as I would like
I'm addicted to coffee
Nursing students get all the dirty work at clinical

Through it all I've already begun to lose sight of the reason. A weekend away on my sorority retreat has helped put it back into perspective; I chose a major, a profession, that He has gifted me in, in order to: bring glory to HIS name! And so off I go, one more week, trying to show love through the studying, the stress, the bed baths, the diaper changes, the busy work, the sleepless nights, and yes, even the massive amounts of coffee consumption (well, we'll see if I can figure that one out ;-)
Yes, that is me and my good nursing friend studying on the beach
(We can't get COMPLETELY away, there were 2 tests this week!)
Singing around the camp fire.
"Lift my hands and spin around!
See the light that I have found!"

My them so much!