Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Blur...

I know I have not updated in forever! The first half of this semester has flown by in a blur of classes, exams, clinicals, sorority stuff, football games, work, birthdays, and wedding planning for friends!

Football game during my sorority's family weekend

Celebrating my dad and grandma's birthday
(yeah, they have the same birthday, how cool is that?)

Practicing walking with one of my kids at work

My sorority "family" has gotten so big! This is us at chapter retreat
(I'm a great great grand big now!!)

And finally, a day off at the parks where we met Lucy and Ricky!

And, as the semester starts to wind down, I'm preparing for exams and, of course, the holidays! All the while, becoming more and more aware that the days of exams and school breaks are coming very quickly to an end, and "real life" is just around the corner. Scary and so exciting, I'm trusting HIM with the future; stay tuned, because, with HIM, there is never a dull moment...big things to come :-)