Monday, March 7, 2011

A Disney Princess

What did I do last weekend?

That's right...ran a half-marathon! What else?

How far is a half-marathon, you may be wondering
(because I actually did not know until after I had both signed up and payed for it, haha) Well, let me tell you, it is 13.1 miles!! (and yes, that 0.1 at the end IS important to say when you stick it in after 13 previous miles)

Why you may also ask... that I can't quite tell you the answer to. Though I've always enjoyed a nice short run, I'm not really a "runner" by any stretch of the imagination, but when two of my good friends (who are also not really runners) told me about their plans and asked me if I wanted to join in the training, I thought...why not? Something I've never done before!

So, come February, there we were! at 4:00am...thats right, AM, for our race! With Princess crowns, of course; we had to look the part!

Would I say I was prepared...almost, lol

But, with our princess labels too...

We did it!

Actually, it was incredibly fun! I ran the whole time, walking only long enough to drink the occasional cup of water (I can barely walk and drink, much less run, lol, just not that coordinated). I certainly didn't set any speed records, clocking in at 2hours and 30minutes, but I had a great time!

Yes, I was super sore the next few days.

And the last question I get asked: would you do it again?
totally! just not too soon :-)