Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is how I felt the other morning. I have to admit, I did (a true technology generation kid) find out about the news from facebook. At first, I was just surprised to hear the news; after all this time, he had been found, and now he was dead. But as I scrolled down my homepage...I moved very quickly from surprised to amused that I was the only one, it seemed, who had not already heard, to shocked!

This news was the content of about 85% of my facebook friends' statuses...and many, if not most, of my friends were rejoicing, making jokes, or giving the "atta boy" to our country. Really? Was I the only one who was taken aback?

Yes, I am glad that justice has been served, that no further pain or suffering will will come from this man, and that those who were hurt by him can feel some closure. I am grateful for those who worked so hard to find him and serve so dutifully day in and day out. That is not the issue I'm seeing. But is it really appropriate to be rejoicing over death?

I don't know, I realize the conflicting ideas and feelings on the matter, and I think that the emotions of relief and appreciation are completely valid. But...it was a sad day for me. We are upset when foreign countries have poor and judgmental opinions of us, but I think that if anyone were to pull up facebook or twitter yesterday, they would be completely validated in judging us insensitive and slightly cruel.

Is there not a remorseful thought out there? Is there no idea that this was someone's son, someone's brother? Is there no regret over a soul lost forever? I'm not suggesting anyone be overly upset or crying about it. Just...are we so desensitized that we can only see another bad guy shot down in a movie?