Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Thankful...

  • Family around the table
  • stuffing
  • my awesome new friends, helping me get through this semester
  • beautiful sunsets
  • the opportunity to know all the diverse people and places I do
  • a family that supports me as I go and meet
  • juice boxes
  • an awesome meeting place
  • my school (as much grief as it causes me, I've gotta say it!)
  • hand sanitizer
  • my awesome, super amazing job
  • all my old friends, who've stood by me even when it seems I have so little time for them
  • Senegal, and all He's given me from it
  • dancing
  • coffee


first, last, and farthest from least:

My personal, all-powerful, never failing, amazing, beyond belief, everything...HIM

He is with us!

Thanskgiving table (pre-food)

Momma teaching Grant how to "make" cranberrys (from a can ;-)

Making thanksgiving feast w/momma.

In the Kitchen

Daddy carving the turkey... Leah supervising

The whole family :-)

Love them <3>

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Flies!

Fall is flying by! I'm spending my time mostly with sorority activities, work, and lots and lots of nursing! I've gotten to do some neat things in clinical and am starting to actually feel like i'm headed towards being an nurse. I'm starting to get that end-of-the-semester-cramming/papers/assignments-are-due-soon! panic going on, but am taking it day by day.

Embracing and trusting Him with the fact that, regardless of how I voted or how I feel, we have a new president and new things are coming. But, in the midst of it all, being ever reminded that He is Him and I am to be seeking Him, His plan, and how I fit into it.

Also, some of the Ms I worked with in Senegal this summer are leaving the field for the time being and have just returned to the states. Please be praying for Tim and Kate as they readjust to American life and catch up on their family and friends and keep in mind how hard it is sometimes to leave the field to a very different place of work for the Him.

Here's a look at what I've been up to!

Some of the awesome new (and old) girls from my sorority. I love these girls!

One of my nursing friends, A, demonstrating how pressed for time we are sometimes as we scramble to be ready for clinical on the interstate.

Some more of my sorority sisters at our habitat for humanity service project, cleaning up the yard.

And painting trim...

and checking out our painting "battle scars" ;-) my now extended sorority family (minus rachel, my "niece") complete with me (the "grandbig/grandaunt"), my little, her two littles, and my grand nieces. I feel so old now with these titles!