Saturday, June 26, 2010

RN Stands for...?

In case you don't know the answer to the above question... RN stands for...


Which, if you have not guessed yet, is what I now am! That's right, as of Thursday, I am an official nurse. Yep, graduated, hired, and officially licensed!

Yes, I took a picture of it...I'm that girl.

I start my new job in two weeks. Which will be a very sad goodbye to my current job of 3 years :-( full of sweet memories, great experience, and awesome friends, and a joyful and slightly anxious hello to the career I've been anticipating for so long.

Stay tuned for pictures of my last couple weeks of special needs summer camp and stories of my new world of nursing ;-)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hanging out by the pool after a day of parties
(graduation and engagement)

On a roller coaster at one of the parks
(don't think I was supposed to have my camera out...)

Climbing one of the semi-local lighthouses...

On our "sunset cruise" catermaran

Last dinner before they headed back north
(and no, we were not actually in Key West ;-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Little Brother Graduated!!!

We are all so proud!

We also had our graduation/end-of-the-year party at my work

We made shirts for those of us who are leaving (that's me :-( ) That had the handprints of all the kids on them

And then we went to a giant bounce-house building and did slides and bouncing with the kids! It was so much fun!! from the mid-west just got here yesterday so stay tuned for pix from our week on the beach, boating, the parks, and parties!

P.S. did you notice the new glasses? ;-)