Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Due to some requests from some blog readers, I'm posting and update on the progress of a few things...

Kitchen construction
The new kitchen is slowly but surely pushing forward. We've added cabinets, a new refrigerator, microwave, oven (a double oven even!), a few tiles, and, one of my dad's favorite things, energy saving lights!! Yes, we're going (slightly) green! Now, I can't tell you all about these light bulbs, though I've heard it from my dad many a time, but apparently, for just a little more money spent on the bulbs, we're getting a brighter room, using MUCH less energy, and, ultimately, saving on our electric bill! (Yes, he is very proud of himself ;-)

Our kitchen is now at least semi functional, the "kitchenette" in the foyer is gone, and we've begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Still missing, however, is most of the flooring, kitchen sink (dished are now done in the bathtub or shower), dishwasher, stove top (OK, we actually have that, but I don't count it since it's sitting in a box in the garage and not on the counter), counter tops, and paint on the walls...


School is pushing on too, I'm just 2.5 weeks away from finishing my 2nd semester of nursing school (the hardest one, I hear!), and I might just pull through with a couple As and some Bs!! (I'm not going to get too cocky on that one, because it is far from over until finals week rears it's ugly face ;-) but it's a possibility...

But, I've loved my pediatric rotation and, despite my previous outlook, am currently enjoying OB (pregnant women and babies and stuff) so, basically, I'm opening up my future perspective job markets a little!


Most recently, little bro is not so little anymore! He turned 17 yesterday, though we celebrated earlier in the week since he is currently in Ohio performing with his percussion group and, as of his last phone call is doing very well!

Little bro and his cookies and cream cake...what else!?

And new headphones for the trip

This is from one of his previous competitions. (he's on the right side, on the keyboards, pointing to the sky- the theme of their show is bomb dropping or something like that) It's a pretty well known, elite group made up mostly of college guys and a few lucky high schoolers!

We also celebrated Easter together, with lunch, the traditional scavenger hunt (no, apparently we aren't too old yet ;-) and a trip to Seaworld.

Us at the underwater dolphin exhibit...In my defense, I was already sitting there when everyone else decided to gather around for the picture...I'm not that lazy ;-)


And, last, but not least, Zimbabwe. Plans are slowly moving forward. I think I've chosen my airline ticket: If I get the one I'm looking at, I'll be flying Orlando to Washington D.C. to Ethiopia to Zimbabwe. It's the one with the shortest layovers (most of the others have 12, 14, or even 19 hours spent in South Africa or somewhere!!!) So, soon the final decision will be made and a ticket will be bought!!

So, consider yourself caught up!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zimbabwe...Here I Come!!

OK, so it's "Blog-Official"!!

I've been praying about if for some time and have heard confirmation...I'm heading to Zimbabwe this summer! And, despite the slow leaking of the news to a few friends and family here and there, I haven't made it public information yet, but, with the arrival of my new, renewed passport in the mail the other day, I've decided that it's time to make my plans known :-)

My new passport!
(and of course my old one that I requested be sent back to me. It's, unlike the new one, filled with entry stamps, customs checks and visas to Brazil, Canada, Kenya, the Bahamas, and Senegal)
So, the trip. First of all ...Where is Zimbabwe? it should be no surprise that I'm heading back to Africa, but this time to the south!
If you know your climatology, you should be thinking; "but Kari, isn't it cold during the summer in the southern hemisphere?" and the answer is: YES!
Zimbabwe, in late July, can run anywhere from the upper 50s to the lower 70s during the day and dipping way down to the 40s or upper 30s at night! I will still be packing my long skirts, but this time, I will also have jackets, longer sleeved shirts, and no flip-flops this time! (OK, I'll probably still bring one pair; I'm a southern girl at heart)
I'll be around Bulawayo, though I'll most likely fly into it's capital, Harare. So, I'll be way down south near Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique.
Finally, What am I doing there? Well, the answer to that question, I don't quite know. Basically, I'm going down to work with some friends of mine. D and T moved down there about a year and a half ago. They've been involved with all kinds of things; beginning contact with an unreached people group, helping start a medical clinic, leading volunteer teams, and with the recent economical "crisis", distributing food staples to the needy people. And I will be spending a month there helping them with whatever they are up to at the time, learning about Zimbabwe and it's people, learning from the workers down there, and, of course, sharing who He is with those who don't know.

D and T were team leaders on my first trip to Africa (Kenya) back in 2007. They are the first two on the left.

So, there it is; heading to Zimbabwe, shouldn't be too surprising; Have you ever known me to be one to stay in one place for too long?

As the trip approaches, I will be in communication with the workers down there to see what they may need as far as supplies, or simple comforts from home. Let me know if you would like to be involved in collecting those things for them! Other than that, I invite you to begin speaking with me for the people and my time down there. Stay tuned; more to come!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I've always been amazed by what a nurse can pull out of their pockets. They've always seemed to have exactly what they need, not just available, but physically on them! (and you'd never expect it, they don't have bags or bulging pockets or anything...) I've never known how they know what they'll need that day, but, as time goes by, my pockets are starting to bear the load...I've been working on pediatric special care units and in the ER this week, and I've been quite surprised by the amount of different thing's my full pockets have been prepared for.

So, I thought I'd give a look at just what is in all those pockets nurses have....well, what's in a nursing student's pockets at least...

And the daily list includes:
- stethoscope
- bandage scissors
- clamps
- alcohol wipes
- sharpie (for labeling bandages)
- pen light
- pad of paper
- pens (black of course, and at least 1 backup)
- cell phone
- watch
- medical tape
- calculator (for calculating med dosages)
- ID badges
- Vick's vapor rub (lol, to put on your nose for smelly rooms ;-)
- tic tacks (same reason)
- chapstick
- extra gloves
- RN notes (everything you need to know about labs, tests, meds, vitals, etc...)
- hand sanitizer
- extra hair tie
- and (not pictured) things you may pick up in the hospital depending what floor you're on like stickers, bandaids, syringes, needles, saline, thermometer, diapers, and the list goes on and on...)

and see, we don't even look like we're toting that much! (this is from lab last semester)

Nurses and their pockets; we're ready for anything! Ok, they're ready for anything and I will be...give it a year or two ;-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Under construction

Did I mention we're under construction???

well, it's true. We are remodeling our kitchen (because I guess we just don't like free time ;-). So, recently, our once nice, neat, orange kitchen has become....
concrete floors, white splotchy walls, and a whole lot of nothing!
(and, what you can't see, missing doors and walls and a big hole in the ceiling where our fireplace used to be/our chimney still is!)
And, for sentimental purposes, one last look at the old kitchen :-(
And...may I present...the NEW KITCHEN!!
Ok, just kidding, but this is the current kitchen as we put in new cabinets, new floors, new counter tops, and new...well, everything.
But in the mean time, our foyer has become our "kitchenette" where the space is limited, the silverware plastic, and the kitchen sink and the bathroom sink are one and the same!
But no worries, the new kitchen, I'm told, will be AMAZING! I'll be sure to post new pictures when the new kitchen finally pulls itself together :-)