Wednesday, September 3, 2014

These kids

These kids are His children.

These kids were made for unique and important purposes.

These kids were born into lives with immense challenges that many of us will never encounter.

These kids smile. Everyday. And laugh and dance and sing. Not despite the struggles their stories contain, but in the midst of them.

These kids also cry. Some shout, some act out, some want to give up sometimes.

But, oh these kids... He loves them, I love them, and HE has a plan. He holds each of them. Everyday.

These kids still need sponsors. These kids need access to education, medical care, shoes, soap, food, His story. 

YOU can help these kids. Contact me; facebook, email, text. Let me know if you are able and willing to join these kids in support of their life and their future. I can tell you exactly how it all works, exactly what it entails, where your support goes, and more about the beautiful face and story you pick. A message isn't a commitment; just a desire to know more.

 These kids have captured my heart. The time I spend with my sponsor child in Malawi is priceless. And the faces of the kids when they see your picture and read about the person that sponsors them are priceless; I've seen them. This DOES make a difference.

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